Traumatic Incident Erasing™


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Who you are is defined by what you have experienced -
and were able to make out of this experience.

Every present problem or inability you encounter, mentally, emotionally or
psychosomatic, is caused directly or indirectly by the left over 'charge' of an incident.

This leftover charge blocks the energy flow.

TIER™ does help you to process your past experiences - which means:
free you from any left over negative effects of anything ever experienced...

The experiences you made and what you learned out of it will still be remembered -
but the automatic reaction which is subconsciously triggered by contacting those old,
long gone incidents, will not be there anymore. The 'charge' - the ability
of the subconscious to influence you against your will - will be gone.

As these bad incidents are arranged in chains in our subconscious, and each chain
has a first incident, a ROOT, - and the force of the influence always comes from the
first incident on a chain - the task to free oneself is possible.

If we consider, that every not fully processed (not fully confronted) bad experience of the past has probably made your space smaller, your awareness less clear and your will  weaker - then, through using TIER™ - expect to GROW exponentially.





What TIER is:

TIER - TRAUMATIC INCIDENT ERASING - is the most effective - non invasive traumatic incident process currently known.
It reaches not only down to Past Lives, but also to the 'Incidents Before Time', the 'Living Dreams'.

What is the BASIS of this Technique ?

1. Through using the ALTERNATING technique between looking in the 'past of the case' (being effect) and concentrating on the here and now with the 6-direction process (being cause), the access to past lives is now many times easier than before.

2. Each incident is cleaned out fully, using different methods and also using The ROOT HEALING System in the incident as appropriate before we go to an other - mostly earlier - incident.

3. Through carefully discharging every incident contacted, the depth we can reach with TIER is deeper than with any other process I know. The goal of TIER is to reach down to the 'incidents before time', where the seeds for all later incident-problems are laid out.

What if I do not believe in 'Past Lives' ?
What if you do not believe in 'Past Lives' ?

You do not have to believe in 'Past Lives'. We just take up what comes up - and if it is charged (connected to emotions and force) we will 'run' it - even if it is a scene that has nothing to do with your current lifetime.

Call it fantasy, call it a 'resonance content' taken over from someone else - it does not matter.

As long as it is 'charged' it will run and bring us closer to the solution.

And in fact: we believe that both is possible: that there are people who have lived before and others who have not lived before . . .

But if you are sure, you have not lived before - remember:
there are also people who are sure they do not dream at night.
But science knows: they do. Every night.

Find out what is really true for you.

What if I can not access my Past Lives?

Most people have this question - and it has NEVER been a problem. First we will start to clean out THIS LIFETIME - and then with the necessary knowledge how to contact earlier
incidents - earlier stuff will simply pop up.

As I said: it is not a problem - it has never been a problem - IF we use TIER.





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